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The Temple of Light and Life


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This page is presented as a service for definitions of vocabulary that may be unfamiliar for some people. Terminology defined will cover a wide range of topics and ideas, and will be identified according to the source material it originated from. Or in some cases according to dictionary definition. If you would like to add vocabulary to this page, email to the address below. Final determination for postings will be made by Temple administrators and are subject to review, thank you.
Place "terms" in subject line.

E. V. P.- Electronic Voice Phenomenon, which is the recording of spirit voices, noises and other sounds utilizing audio tape recorders.

Light and Life- The epochal development for humanity when total enlightenment is achieved on a planetary scale. To reach this level of civilization is to be reaching for material perfection. The ultimate in physical, mental, and spiritual evolution.

Local Universe Administration- URANTIA Book concept of the governmental system used to rule over an arrangement of 10 million inhabited planets ruled by one Creator Son (like Jesus) and one Mother Spirit.

Mandala- The Sanskrit word for "circle" or "sphere of essence". The Mandala is used to symbolize wholeness- the circle of eternity. The power of this ancient art form lies in its archetypal imagery which arises from deep communion with Source. An integrated structure organized around a unifying center.

Master Universe- - URANTIA Book concept which describes the overall structure of material creation. The Master Universe is made up of the central Isle of Paradise which is encircled by the perfect worlds of Havona, immediately shrouded by Dark Gravity Bodies, outside of which are the 7 Super Universes (of which ours is Orvonton), which is then surrounded by the 4 massive Outer Space Levels.

Thought Adjuster- A URANTIA Book term, which is the name given for the divine spark of God that resides within every human being. Could also be referred to as the "Kingdom of Heaven within you", or "Father Fragment". If the human so chooses, Thought Adjuster and human soul are meant to become as one and pursue a joint destiny of discovering more of God into eternity.

Urantia- The celestial name given to our planet Earth, #606 of the Satania Local System of 1000 planets, as stated in the URANTIA Book. Created and ruled by Jesus Christ and His divine associate Mother Spirit.