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Web Links


Here are links to other relevant website's that may be of interest concerning spiritual matters. The links cover a wide range of activities, pursuits, and ideas but all have a metaphysical or mystical ambiance. We provide them here at the Temple for informational purposes only and are not responsible for content. If you have any links of a related nature you would like to see posted, forward them to our email and they will be considered, thank you.
Place "links" in subject line. - A website offering spiritual information and resources across a broad spectrum. - Link to a website which has spiritually oriented cross stitch patterns, art work, and web graphics. Check here for Mandala examples. - Metaphysical and spiritually oriented website offering information and support in an open forum format, with special attention given to the URANTIA Book. "The quest for God is everything!" - Link to the URANTIA Foundation website, which supports and disseminates the teachings of the URANTIA Book, a special revelation for humanity. A non-profit organization which offers information, disscussion, classes and reading of the URANTIA Book text on-line. The URANTIA Book (c) 1955 URANTIA Foundation. - Link to a URANTIA Book related website. Offers further information regarding the book, reader related support (study groups), on-line discussion, and reading of the URANTIA Book text on-line. This website is unaffiliated with URANTIA Foundation. - A ghost and supernatural research website offering evidence, discussion, and free e-mail. - A website which has all versions of the Bible in all languages for on-line reading. - The website for the Paranormal Research Society of New England. Features a link to Ed and Lorraine Warren also. - A website which explores the Realm where Mortals and Angels meet. - Link to the website which explores practical spirituality. Many resources and articles. - Link to the Mandala Project which is a non-profit project dedicated to promoting unity through art and education. Finding the common denominators which we can all agree upon, builds a foundation for peace of which art is a cornerstone. Truth, beauty and goodness are values that can be agreed upon in every culture. We all see beauty in nature and through art we see the beauty of different cultures. "Unity with Diversity" A website dedicated to the teachings of the URANTIA Book. Covers various subject matter, from spiritual chat to world religious texts. Here can be found an introduction to the URANTIA Book. - With this link, you will go to a center for meditation studies. Classes and instructions are offered, as well as other information regarding meditation practices. Also has FAQ section. - Link to the Meditation Station, which offers support and information on up to 108 meditation techniques. - A website focusing on paranormal activity investigation. - A website which offers current bilical prophecy ideas and related information. - The International Society for Paranormal Research. - A website which has a free "temperament sorter" test that helps in personality development. Test to see if you are an Idealist, Protector, or Artist among others! - Website for URANTIA Book Readers Online. Offers discusion forum, UBRON member information and more. - Website that supports the AVATAR Journal and associated literature. The mission of AVATAR in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems. Free copy of AVATAR Journal offered. - On-line resource for the United Communities of Spirit. All religions welcomed with similarities in religions stressed, as well as their shared tenets. - Shambhala is an international community of meditation centers led by Sakyong Miphan Rinpoche. Free meditation instruction offered at their centers, and other classes on Buddhism and other subjects. - A paranormal and supernaturally oriented website exploring ghost sightings and haunting activity. - Link to a website which offers information and resources on things spiritual. Also meditation lessons available. Link to the #1 destination for self-discovery. Offers a variety of tests, from the serious to the just plain fun, personality to IQ testing and much more.