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This section is provided for those who wish to post relevant compositions and essays on a variety of spiritual, metaphysical, or supernatural topics and experiences. Also questions will be posted periodically to which you can send responses via email, the answers then being placed in this forum. Final determination for postings will be made by Temple administrators and will be anonymous unless you request your email address/name be included to foster person to person communication, thank you.
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1. Describe how you spend quality time with God. Do you use meditation, intense prayer, or some other practice?

I have been practicing meditation now for 14 years and what follows is the basic routine I utilize. It works very well for me and I have had incredible growth and experiences. But as I have learned, meditation tends to be very fluid, so use what works for you in these steps and leave the rest. Good luck!

1. Preparation for Meditation-
A) Deepen breathing- slowing breaths, using deep breathing to calm and center self.
B) Using self talk (direct commands)- relax entire body, let go and let God, open heart, mind, soul, and personality to God, asking for guidance during meditation.
C) Calm and still body further- deepen relaxation using direct commands to relax key-points of body (key-points are: lower abdomen, throat area, the tongue, eye muscles, and the whole brain).
D) Consciously open Chakra's with direct commands- actively coordinate them, think Chakra's into alignment.
2. Opening formal Meditation-
A) Continue deep breathing- calm mind and still body even further.
B) Continue deep relaxation of entire body- focus on key-points, let go and let God to full-body relaxed state.
C) Consciously seal off aura- use direct commands to bring aura close around body and closed to all but God, divine associates, and self.
D) Opening prayer- offer sincere thanksgiving and ask for guidance during meditation period.
3. Full on Meditation-
A) Use self-talk intensely- open your entire being to God and His Presence, feel His Energy flow through your whole self. Consciously expose your heart, mind, soul and personality to this Divine Energy.
B) Feel the Presence of God totally- experience His Energy/vibration around your heart area and at the crown of your head.
C) Be Father-focused- strive for one pointedness on God and your relationship with Him.
D) Worship and adoration- give free reign to total thanksgiving, total joy and total ecstasy! Enjoy free-form meditation, where God's Presence takes you.
4. Closing Meditation-
A) Present concerns and questions- give your problems over to God, ask for spirit wisdom, and ask questions you may have (answers might come then or later, let God take His Time).
B) Seek inspiration- on any issues important to you, on any projects, or personal concerns.
C) Closing thanksgiving- give sincere thanks to God, Jesus, Mother Spirit, Thought Adjuster, Spirit Guides and your Cosmic Family.
D) End of Meditation period- come up from stillness gradually, return to regular breathing, flex your muscles and stretch where desired. The effects of meditation will then remain with you and help you through your day and you will soon look forward to spending this quality time with God!
5. Meditation joy!

2. Share your thoughts on how God can somehow be the one and only God, and yet present everywhere and always. Does this necessarily mean that God is everything and everything is God? Can anything be outside of God?
I think that it is natural for God to be everywhere, in everything and in all ways, all at the same time He is the one and only God. You could say it is the inherent description that makes Him uniquely and unqualifiedly GOD. It then would only be fitting in describing His infinite self to state He is everywhere present, even stretching that out to include all things, beings, and events that exist or happen in the creation He has set in motion. "The Universal Father is all the time present in all parts and in all hearts of his far-flung creation." (UB-1,1,44). It is supremely difficult for us as such limited beings to visualize this truth about God, if not downright impossible, as we do not come from an infinite knowing. But for me it is very reassuring to know that He is so thoroughly invested and empowered. It means that in the infinite sense He has His being in every conceivable part of creation and beyond, which adds a full measure of security and benevolence to any uncertainties we might have. This might scare some until you remember His whole attitude towards creation is one of love and mercy. Then you can take asurance that He would never abuse this awesome power He has like no other, at least that is what my faith tells me! The following sums it up nicely; "It is literally true that God is all and in all. But even that is not all of God." (UB-1,1,44). And here we are told that even though He is all and in all, that even then that is not all of God. Which to me means He is MORE than all the things we see and experience; there is always infinitely more of Himself to be known, developed and expounded upon. In the end this would logically lead one to see that there could be nothing outside of God. How would it be possible when He is all and in all, and more besides?
Let us hear from you, your opinions count! Feel free to answer the questions and send them along. Check back frequently as new questions will be posted on a regular basis, thank you.