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Here you will find space provided to post descriptions of psychic experiences you or those close to you may have encountered. We encourage you to be open in posting what you have perceived be it visionary, prophetic, psychic phenomena, or encounters with divine and other worldly beings. Even if some might have a negative feel, they may still be important growth and learning tools for someone. Email your experiences to the address below and please be as brief as possible. All will be anonymous unless otherwise requested. Final determination for postings will be made by Temple administrators and are subject to review, thank you.
Place "psychic" in subject line.
"A Light Experience"
I would like to describe a psychic experience which has been happening ever since I became serious about practising meditation. It happens at various times and with varying intensity, but is still something I find very fascinating and somehow comforting. I can see floating and flitting through the air tiny pin-points of light of the brightest, whitest light. And I generally don't just see a few or even hundreds, but I would say hundreds of thousands of these lights at one time! There are usually so many that they are countless. They move very capriciously; darting, flitting, and flying about in the air in front of my eyes and even further off in the distance. Their movements are totally unpredictable and random, I have even tried focusing on one pin-point and following it with my eyes, but end up loosing sight of it because of this erratic motion, and also due to the fact that there are so many, I can't keep one singled out!
Most times I witness these bright lights when I let my attention and focus just drift off into the distance. Then their swirling motion catches my eye and I begin to see their countless numbers with my unfocused looking. I have found that I can really see them most strongly when I am outdoors and the sun is shining (even on overcast days, as long as it is daylight), that is when I see them in their greatest numbers. I do not consciously call them forth, I just have to let my focus rest on no particular point and the lights appear dancing and fluttering here and there in great profusion. I can best describe it as being in a light snow-fall with a strong wind. The lights move that way, lighter than air, and going every which way. Some even leave little trails of light behind them as they move. I have even tried holding out my hand in their swirling midst, and they seem to coalesce around my hand like a very light aura. I don't feel any sensation when they touch me, and they sure seem to have a mind of their own. They come and go despite what I think, and despite any other external influence like if there were a strong wind blowing that day.
The way I have come to think of these pin-points of light is that they are a manifestation of God's love gently falling like rain on our planet. I know we are constantly awash in God's love and energy, that His light and love are always moving through the air and everything else we experience. Maybe what I am witnessing is the physical expression of God's Infinite Love as it showers down onto our material world to soak into everything, acting as the catalyst we need to make the transition into a world of light and life. I am not entirely sure, but this is what my soul tells me. As a side note, I have also seen these lights in darker conditions (not daylight), but at those times they are fewer in number, but just as bright and moving just as quickly.